Screen recorder for windows 10 with audio
Screen Recorder Tool

Screen recorder for windows 10 with audio

Screen recorder for windows 10 with audio

Screen recording is a very useful feature that can be used for many things, including creating tutorials, making reaction videos for YouTube, etc. 

Screen recording is a great way to capture a screen. Now the question is, which is the best screen recorder for Windows 10 with audio to record both screen and webcam? Or which screen recording tool has a very simple user interface for creating an online video tutorial, an online video learning course, or for recording the screen for official work? 

Screen recorder for windows 10&11 with audio

As we already know YouTube has thousands of users who create videos with their faces in the corner. Wondering how they do it? All you need to do is record your computer screen with a screen & webcam recorder 

Screen & webcam recorder chrome extension is one of the best webcam recorders for windows 10 available in chrome web store. . 

Facecams are live recordings of faces in online videos using webcams. They usually include audio as well. Many people now put their face in the corner or tutorial video and then they share it on YouTube. This has been a huge trend in youtubers. 

Earlier People used to record the screen of their computer and webcam separately then, they would merge the videos using video editing softwares.   

But now users do not need to merge videos because they can simply record their computer or laptop screen with face cam simultaneously and then they can upload the videos on YouTube. 
A face cam video can be used to showcase your talent, knowledge, experience and even to make money. You can add the face cam to create video resume as well. 

Screen recorder with audio for windows 10 pc 

Imagine that you need to explain to someone that how to resolve no audio problem in desktop pc, or you want to explain product features. Either you can explain using audio only or you can write blog post, but the best way to make users understand will be the recording your screen because you will be using both audio and video to explain. The best tool to record your screen is screen & webcam recorder. 

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How to download watermark free recorded videos on Windows  

Screen recorders are a great tool for recording your laptop and desktop activities. Screen recorders can be used to record so many activities. When you search for screen recorders online, you may come across screen recorders covered with an ugly watermark. 

To solve the watermark problem, you just need to install the Screen & Webcam recorder extension and you can easily download the videos without any watermark on them.

You can follow these simple steps to download screen recorder for your windows 10 and 11:-

  1. Install the Screen & Webcam Recorder Chrome extension.
  1. After installing the extension users will get three options to select screen layout. Select the layout as per your need. 
  1. Click start recording to start the recording. You will also get Record with audio option.
  1. Once you have completed the recording, click stop recording & recorded video will be saved to your laptop or Desktop PC in .MP4 format.

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