Online Cam screen recorder for chrome
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Online Cam screen recorder for chrome

Are you trying out a webcam recorder for the very first time, or are you an experienced user who wants to improve your current webcam recording experience? If you’re searching for a safe-to-use & simple user interface online cam recorder with background that works smoothly on your Chrome browser, then the online Screen & Webcam recorder is a perfect solution for you.

A webcam recorder not only helps you to record beautiful memories with your friends and family, but it also allows you to save the precious memories. We often forget to capture special moments in our daily life. 

How to use online webcam recorder

  • Download online cam screen recorder from here or you can also download the extension from Chrome web store.
  • -Click on the extension icon next to Chrome address bar or you can also pin the extension for quick access.
  • -Once you open the webcam recorder extension you will see 3 options- A) Capture from screen B)  Capture from screen+camera C) Capture from camera
  • -To record a webcam with a background, select Capture from screen+camera.
  • -You will get one more option, and that is, Do you want to record audio? Select “Yes” or “No” as per your preference.
  • -Press the Start Recording button.
  • -Once the recording is completed, click on the Stop Recording option.
  • -In the last step, click on the Download option to download your webcam recording.

Features of webcam recorder chrome extension

  • -Online cam screen recorder extension is completely safe and secure.
  • -HD video recording
  • -Simple user interface 
  • -Record both the screen and the webcam at the same time.
  • -Free but feature rich webcam recorder extension
  • -Watermark free 

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Best online webcam recorder software for Windows 10

Today the webcams are not only used for meetings , conferences but they can also be used to create serious content such as video tutorials on YouTube. You do need a great software if your webcam is used frequently. The best part is that most of the webcam recorders are free.

Here are some of the best webcam recorder software.

Windows Camera :- Why would you need  third-party software when Windows 10 has a built-in camera app? Although it isn’t the most advanced app, it can be used to capture quick video clips or take photos. It can be accessed at any resolution or frame rate your webcam supports. It’s as easy as plugging and playing. And no download is necessary.

Cyberlink YouCam 9:-  YouCam 9 from Cyberlink has the most advanced features. Although it is not free, you can test all of its features for 30 days. YouCam’s main USP is its creative control, which can be really helpful if you are a YouTuber or streamer. It integrates seamlessly with Google Meet and Skype, making it ideal for business use.

Debut Video Capture :- Debut is much more than a webcam tool. You can use it as a screen recorder on your computer and add your webcam as an overlay. It can record both video and audio. You can also adjust the video quality, color settings, add a timestamp, etc.

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